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Ready to Rumble!

Treat your appetite for adrenaline by driving one of the amazing Volkswagen Polo race cars at the world-famous Buddh International Circuit. Get your friends along with you and go head to head with them at BIC to test and hone your driving skills in this small yet incredible car!

The racing polo has been stripped from inside of all its creature comforts, seats removed and replaced with lightweight bucket seats and motorsport spec roll cage to give you the feel of a real race car.

VW Polo race car specifications

  • 1.6 ltr TDI engine, modified to 130 HP
  • 6 speed + 1 reverse manual transmission
  • Sachs racing suspension
  • Internal roll cage
  • OMP racing seat with 6 point racing harness

Before jumping into the driver's seat, you'll receive a technical briefing from our instructor about the car and the track. You can then buckle up and hit the track.

Prices are as follows:-

  • For 30 Minutes : Rs 10,000/- plus taxes
  • For 60 Minutes : Rs 15,000/- plus taxes

Taxes: 12.36% extra

For registrations, please contact or Mr. Uday Bist - +91 8130193533 and Mr. Vibhu Shukla - +91 8130193687


Know Circuit

 The 5.14km long Buddh International Race Circuit has been designed by renowned German architect and racetrack designer, Herman Tilke, who has also designed other world class race circuits in Malaysia, Bahrain, China, Turkey, Indonesia, the UAE, South Africa, South Korea and the US.


The Buddh International race track has been designed as one of the fastest, most exciting circuits in the world and we're sure that both racers and race fans will like the circuit layout. The track will host some of the most challenging motorsports events in the world and it is well suited the requirements of powerful, high-spec racing cars and motorcycles. The track's combination of straights, corners and elevation changes has been designed to allow high speeds and provide opportunities for overtaking, which is what makes motor racing exciting. At the same time, in terms of adherence to safety norms and regulations, run-off areas and medical facilities etc., Buddh International will be one of the safest racetracks in the world.


Time Trial Calender

we will announce soon.



we will announce soon.


Terms and Conditions for Track Days

  • Any Facility reservation(s) are to be addressed in writing and addressed to Buddh International Circuit's Sales Division Office ('BIC'), and all such applications shall mention relevant details/ particulars with respect to the envisaged event (namely envisaged dates, description and the type of event with respective features, duration, services required, and contact person(s)).
  • BIC will compile and forward a quote for the services required, for which purpose it might need to request additional information/ documents/ particulars from clients.
  • Reservations shall become effective only upon settlement of deposit of 50% of the value of the quote
  • In the event of cancellation of the event within 5 working days of the event to be held, 100% of the track rental amount shall be forfeited.
  • If the cancellation is done prior to 5 days of the event date, 50% of the track rental will be forfeited.
  • Accreditations of persons and vehicles to be done by Client in consultation with accreditation team, security and traffic team. The design for Accreditation and Vehicle Access Pass will be approved by JPSI.
  • The Client shall strictly abide with security protocol regarding entry of persons and vehicles in the circuit. They shall subject persons and vehicles to security check by security personnel through equipment and/or manually. They shall follow the instructions given by security personnel with regard to their conduct, behavior keeping in view overall security of the circuit.
  • Client shall be liable to pay damages for the loss or damage caused to any property of the BIC attributable to drivers or organizers negligence or deliberate act during the track day for whatsoever reason.
  • BIC shall supervise all areas of the venue under its management and shall be entitled to issue all necessary regulations to ensure safety, comfort, and hygiene.
  • Compliance with the aforementioned safety, comfort, and hygiene regulations is mandatory for all clients renting facilities and for all event, spectators or attendees.
  • Access to and use of BIC's areas shall take place during a set of working hours to be agreed with the Client (inclusive of access and use for purposes of stage assembling and disassembling).
  • BIC abides by a Safety Manual and has set up emergency evacuation plans for various areas of the venue with which the Client or its personnel have to become familiar with in advance of the scheduled event.
  • Emergency exits shall remain free, marked and unencumbered at all times.
  • The Client shall vehemently enforce the prohibition to smoking by personnel in all designated areas where such prohibition applies.
  • The Client undertakes to strictly limit access to enclosed areas to the authorized spectator capacity of the rented venue in question, while ensuring that the safety of assets, life and limb of spectators, and attendees is not put in jeopardy.
  • In addition to all mandatory insurances under effective Indian legislations, the Client undertakes to take Third-Party Liability Insurance valid for the entire duration of the rental period and covering personal injury and damages to premises and tangible assets caused by the actions of the Client, its personnel, agents, and sub-contractors, or any other third parties it might have accredited for purposes of producing and staging the event.
  • BIC shall not be liable for any burglary or theft of any goods or materials left unattended or otherwise in the venue by the Client, nor for any damages or losses caused by the event or arising as a result thereof.
  • The recording of image and video in areas under management by BIC, and their public broadcast or publication shall be subject to a separate agreement to be negotiated with BIC, at all times.
  • The Client shall take into consideration that BIC has entered into various partnership and sponsorship agreements with other entities whereby it has ceded certain rights, namely the right to exhibit advertising and promotional material in areas under management by BIC.
  • No Commercial exploitation of track day (without express written approval of JPSI) whatsoever in nature, on or by any means of transport shall be allowed on track days.
  • No person shall be allowed to enter the track without accreditation. Only accreditated vehicles to be allowed inside the venue within specified limits.
  • JPSI will scrutinize all vehicles. Right to allow the cars to be used on the track is completely with JPSI.
  • Track days are non-transferrable to any other person.
  • JPSI authorities possess the rights to admission.
  • All the Drivers/Riders must possess a valid driver's license.
  • The aforesaid Terms & Conditions forms a part of the Indemnity Bond Agreement and shall be read together with the Indemnity Bond Agreement and is not to be construed as a separate instrument.
  • The Indemnity Bond Agreement along with this Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of India. The place of jurisdiction shall be Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh.
The Agreement shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of India.


Track Days are designed to allow the car and bike enthusiast to enjoy driving in controlled conditions without random traffic and law enforcement. Track Days are not races as such, but allows the driver to run at their desired pace and enjoy the capability of their car/bike.

General Track Rules and Regulations

  • Participants and passengers must read, understand and sign the indemnity form, and then sign the rostrum list prior to participating
  • Participant must possess valid driver's licence
  • Long Pants, sleeved shirts, closed shoes and helmet must be worn by Car Drivers and Passengers
  • Full Riding Suit, Gloves, Boots and Helmet must be worn by Bike Riders
  • Helmets must be full faced, be ISI specification or Snell approved, of recent design, be in good condition, show no signs of impact on the exterior and fit the wearer. Proper visor must be worn
  • Participants must not tamper with any of the markings, or tags. For example: wristbands, registration stickers, tech inspection tags or helmet stickers
  • Participants will not consume mind-altering substances or anything that could impair their ability to operate the vehicle safely prior to riding. Anyone caught breaking/ violating this rule will not be permitted to drive/ride for the remainder of the event
  • Anyone allowing an unregistered person to drive/ride their vehicle on the track will also lose their privileges for the remainder of the event
  • Never drive/ride opposite to the direction of traffic in paddock and pit areas
  • Have Car/Bike tech inspected
  • 10kph speed limit on grounds (anywhere off the track)
  • All track use will stop when the track is closed. No driving (all vehicles) on the track without track management or event organizers permission
  • All decisions made by the track executives are final. All participants will agree to abide by these decisions during the event
  • Allow at least 3 laps for your tyres to warm up
  • Passing only on straights
  • The passing maneuver must be completed BEFORE the 100 metre marker. If you fail to complete the pass, you MUST fall back and try at the next straight
  • Contact with anything is grounds for dismissal
  • Watch Flags (see 'flags and flag rules' below for detail of flags)
  • Remember this is not a competition; the only one you're competing with is yourself
  • First time track drivers must go out with an instructor for at least their first session
  • Sessions will be approximately 30 minutes in length
  • No refunds claims, whatsoever will be entertained
  • We reserve the right to refuse access to the track to anyone at anytime
  • It should go without saying that alcohol is prohibited, but we'll say it anyway

Tech Inspection

The track inspection is very brief and looks only for obvious faults. It is up to you as the vehicle owner to ensure that the engine and other components are not about to fail, and that the tyres and brake pads are as new. We require you to maintain your vehicle in top condition prior to each session and provide all maintenance and/or necessary repairs before participating in your session of the track. You may be removed from the track if at anytime your vehicle causes a safety hazard to others.

Our inspection will consist of but willnot be limited to the following:

  • Helmets must be full faced, be ISI specification or Snell approved, of recent design, be in good condition, show no signs of impact on the exterior and fit the wearer. Proper visor must be worn.
  • Tyres must have sufficient tread for the event; slicks are allowed but again must have adequate rubber depth. Tyres must be inflated to a correct pressure.
  • We will check brakes for action and tightness of components, but you are responsible for their mechanical and functional soundness. We will look at the thickness of pads on disc brakes.
  • All fluids (gas, brake, forks, engine, transmission, battery and radiator) must not be leaking.
  • NO vehicles will be allowed on the track without a TECH STICKER
  • If you are found on the track without a tech sticker or signed waiver, you will be asked to leave, with NO REFUND, and be BANNED from all future Track Days.

NOTE: A word on personal caution - Come to the track well rested, well fed, well hydrated, and ready for a fun filled day! Getting everything ready the night before is NOT a good idea.

Flags and Flag Rules

The marshals at each event will detail the flags and required responses at the mandatory participants meeting. The following is a general overview:

Yellow Indicates danger immediately ahead, slow down and do not pass other participants until you have passed the occurrence.

Red and Yellow Striped - This flag indicates debris or fluids (oil, brake, coolant, gas) on the track ahead. Whenever possible the marshal will point the flag at the offending material or area. A sweeping motion with the flag indicates a line of fluid throughout the curve. Slow down and keep your eyes open for the problem under these conditions.

Black - Will be displayed by the starter. If the flag is pointed at you, then the marshals have reported a problem with either your vehicle (mechanically) or your riding style. Cautiously check your vehicle over to ensure you are not endangering current track conditions, then proceed to the pit lane and report to the track official. If the problem is mechan

ical (especially leaking fluids or smoking) please pull off the track as quickly and safely as possible. Red - Indicates a serious problem requiring a shut down (ambulance on track). The session is over. Do not stop immediately! Carefully slow down, and be sure to indicate your intentions by raising your arm or sticking out a leg, and proceed to the pit lane.

Checkered - This indicates your track session is over, and you are to exit at pit lane. Keep up your speed until you are near the pit lane, slow down and indicate your intentions by raising your arm or sticking out your leg. Be aware of participants behind you, and use common sense when going back to the pits.

Any participant ignoring the marshals' flag will receive further instructions on flags from the event coordinator and could lose their driving/riding privileges.

Passing Rules

The goal during the follow the leader sessions is to ensure that everyone knows THE LINE.

While some people think there is a slow line and a fast line - this is not true. Yes, the very fast drivers/riders might use the last piece of pavement available, but everyone's line should be within 3 or 4 feet of the ideal line.

Driving/Riding slow is NOT dangerous. It is the drivers/riders who are OFF the line that are dangerous. Please pay attention during the follow the leader sessions as the Instructors will show you the line that you should be on.

If a faster driver/rider wants to make a pass - then it is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to go off the line and get around safely. The driver/rider being passed should not be affected in any way. The PASSER must make sure they are well clear of the other vehicle before moving back onto the line.

If you are the driver/rider being passed - just relax and pretend they are not there. Also, don't stare at the back of their vehicle after they pass you - just go about your business.

If you are in a fast car/bike, but know you are holding people up in the turns, let them pass you on the straights. Check your ego at the gate.

As long as everyone is on the same line, and the faster drivers/riders use their head and pass in safe areas, then we will all have a GREAT day.

Please drive/ride with consideration towards fellow participants and remember- You need to concentrate on your own actions and the driver/rider in front, let the driver/rider behind, concentrate on you.

Consider this: if you run into the back of another vehicle, you are at fault.

Keep at least one vehicle width between you and the vehicle you are passing.

NOTE: Any incident on the track will bring out the RED FLAG (all driving/riding stops). This will take away from your track time. Also, there is one ambulance, if the ambulance needs to be used, all driving/riding stops until the ambulance is back on station.

We will stay ON SCHEDULE. If there is an incident that takes away from one groups track time, we will do our best to make up that time at the end of the day.




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